Spotlight on B Local Colorado’s Newest Board Members


Burke Pemberton

As CFO at stok, Burke develops, maintains, and continuously improves it’s operational, financial, and risk management functions. Burke’s core competency is his ability to facilitate the sourcing and development of human, technological, and financial capital and ensure that they are performing at optimal efficiency. As a Presidio Graduate School MBA, Burke possesses a deep passion for team building, growing sustainable enterprise, and a unique ability to maintain the ever-critical balance between achieving profitability targets and maintaining a healthy and inspired workforce.

Burke has played a key role in developing stok’s strategic vision, growth plans and financing activities, co-creating stok’s self-managed organizational design, and developing new verticals, geographic offerings and partnerships. Burke’s recent accomplishments include spearheading the development of stok’s proprietary Life Cycle Cost Analysis tool, launching the world’s first push-button fossil-free 401(k) platform through a partnership with HIP Investor, and leading stok’s expansion from the Bay Area to the Colorado market.


Brittany Stich

Brittany Stich is a co-founder at Guild Education. As Guild's Vice President of Learning at Work, she leads Guild's internal learning & development, utilizing Guild as a learning laboratory for external partners around career pathways, credit for workforce training and internal growth within organizations. She has more than a decade of experience in both higher education & K-12 space. She has her BA, M.Ed, and MBA from Stanford, is a first generation college graduate, and is a proud Colorado convert.