BLD Mountain West 2019

Thursday, July 18 | History Colorado Center | Denver, CO


Build relationships with your B Economy peers, while gaining fresh perspective on amplifying your company’s positive impact, innovating through purpose and creating leadership.
BLD Mountain West will welcome 200 attendees this year.


What is BLD?

BLD stands for B Corp Leadership Development, and is an opportunity for all members of the B Economy to connect, engage and grow within our community.

BLD Mountain West is one of six BLDs happening this year.


Who’s invited?

Our goal to be a part of building an inclusive economy. We welcome ANY member of the B Corp community, from all areas, levels, and functions, and from all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, religions, sexual orientations, and professional roles. We encourage B Corps from neighboring states like Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Utah, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arizona to come.

Also invited- anyone actively working on their B Impact Assessment (BIA), “Best for” companies, registered public benefit companies, public sector organizations, students and socially-focused academics, and generally anyone interested in using their business to create positive impact within their organizations and sectors.

Pass this along and join us so everyone can feel the passion and power of the B Corp community!


How does this all come together?

This event is organized completely by B Local Colorado, which is 100% volunteer driven and will be funded by generous donations from regional B Corps so we can keep our ticket prices reasonable. Please email us at finance@blocalcolorado.com if you and your company would like to donate, volunteer or have any questions.


8:00 am

8:45 am

9:00 am

Registration / Breakfast

Kickoff and Welcome

We’re All in this Together
What the heck is the difference between B Lab, B Local, Best for Colorado, PBCs, and Co-ops and how can I join the movement?


9:15 am

Organizational Allyship
Leverage your organizational power and value-driven purpose to be an ally to marginalized communities, both internally and externally


10:30 am

B Curious Track

How To Raise Capital of All Shapes and Sizes
Meow Wolf did it, and you can too! Covering debt, equity, crowdfunding, gov't, philanthropy and more

B Advanced Track

The Surprising ROI on Effective Feedback Mechanisms
Learn how to maximize employee engagement and retention through effective and equitable feedback systems and strategies

Museum Tour

Docent-led tour of "Beer" and other select exhibits at the History Colorado Center

11:30 am

B Challenged: Hard to be Bs
Explore the challenges and surprise benefits of being a unique company that has seasonal workers (like a ski area), offers professional services or experiences rather than product, is a solopreneur, curates products for eCommerce, or typically produces toxic waste products (like a hair salon)

Purpose-Driven Leadership through Employee Engagement
How to support purpose-driven B Corp employees to work toward their potential while driving company strategy

Docent-led tour of "Beer" and other select exhibits at the History Colorado Center

12:15 pm

Interactive Lunch
Brainstorm to solve specific problems, post a Need or an Offer, contribute to the collaborative Art Project, take our Strategy and Needs Assessment, provide feedback on our forthcoming Mountain West Buyers Guide, network, and enjoy an awesome view of the mountains. Oh, and eat!!


1:15 pm

Using Policy to Shape Good Business
Take a walk through state politics 101, and leave with a better understanding of the important role you can play in systematic change through policy advocacy

Supporting People, Planet, Purpose (and Profit) Through Your Physical Workplace
Learn the business case for infusing your company's values into your physical spaces, be they offices, retail stores, or elsewhere, with healthy and sustainable design, and directly address the BIA Environment Impact Area to improve your B Corp ROI

Docent-led tour of "Beer" and other select exhibits at the History Colorado Center

2:15 pm

Innovation + Impact
Learn how entrepreneurs, managers, and staff can together build a stronger organization and culture

Harnessing Workplace Conflict for Better Results
Learn strategies for moving to and maintaining positive, healthy conflict within your team

Docent-led tour of "Beer" and other select exhibits at the History Colorado Center

3:00 pm

Coffee Break


3:15 pm

- You’re Saying “Sorry” Wrong
- CauseLabs on the Brink - Saved by our Social Mission
- Art + Sol: Taking the 3 P’s to the Street

3:40 pm

Diversity as a Strength, Inclusion as a Skill
Learn how to ask better questions and lean into the discomfort of difference to elicit multiple perspectives, increase collaboration and commitment, and embrace the power of diversity for great results


4:45 pm

Present Collaborative Art Project

5:00 - 7:30 pm

LEVEN DELI, 123 W. 12th Ave
Take a two block walk to a lovely shop that embraces the B Economy and Slow Food concepts through good, clean food, supporting its workers, paying a fair wage, and where hospitality is a team sport.
*Tickets: Discounted for BLD attendees (Select BLD+Happy Hour at registration)
$15 everyone else